Note To Hazem El Masri: Wise Up

I was forced to retrieve a can of false outrage yesterday when Channel Nine ran the shocking news that Bulldogs winger Hazem El Masri has been the target of racially motivated policing!

Apparently, as the story goes, Hazem and his manager were having a coffee when asked by police for I.D.

Now at this point a person has two choices….

First, you can get your I.D. out, ask if there is anything amiss and cooperate with the police who are there to look after the best interests of the law abiding community.

However, the second option is to act like a completely uncooperative knob, make a huge scene and then claim racial discrimination when, funnily enough, more police are called to the scene you have made as they try to find out what your problem is.

As someone who has been asked for I.D. out of the blue and who has been searched on occasion, I have zero sympathy for El Masri.

Maybe in between strutting around telling everyone he is a leader for the Lebanese community he can sit down and ask himself what type of role model would carry on like a whinging fool after being asked for something anyone that sells you a beer, or smoke can legally ask for!

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