Elliott Era In Full Swing As Panthers Lack Punch

I’m not surprised and nor should you be.

Anyway that has watched Canberra over recent years will see the trend and know that, for three years at least, this is what Penrith fans have to look forward to.

Matthew Elliott has currently got a team with 9 current or former international players in his side.

He has a dominant forward pack, a serviceable halfback, good centers, very good wingers, a brilliant fullback and a solid bench.

Yet, we have seen all of this talent pumping out some of the most simple, boring football you will ever seen over the first month of the NRL season.

It was bad enough that the club was well beaten, at home, by a Gold Coast side thats been around all of 3 weeks, but to see a poor Parramatta side carve up Penrith was just a disgrace.

Credit must go to Rhys Wesser who, once again, showed what an outstanding player he is. In much the same way Anthony Minichello is shining so brightly in a well beaten side, Wesser is once again just proving what a class player he is.

Still, there are some low lights in the side.

Tony Puletua is having zero impact. Craig Gower is the least dangerous player in the back line and is showing the creativity of a Sumo Wrestler doing Ballet. Luke Lewis looks lost and generally the Panthers look like a side that will only score off the back of individual moments of brilliance from Wesser.

And just think, we have 3 more years of this rubbish!

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