Nigel Wiskar Reveals Plot To Anger League Freak In Article

I knew it! I knew there was no way any one group of people could be that stupid!

No doubt you have all seen me adding my various corrections to the numerous “awards” that British Rugby League journalists like to hand out at the end of every year.

From laughably naming Kevin Sinfield as the best player in the world to making claims that England’s wingers have to be the best in the game because they score a lot of tries against semi professional opposition in a dying club competition, British journos are well known for being a bunch of gibberers.

When it comes down to it, the Poms just don’t know what they are talking about!

Now it turns out that the Pommy journos hand false accolades to undeserving players just to make me angry!

Never go full retard...
Never go full retard…

Nigel Wiskar has revealed the plot in his latest article for the website. In the article titled “Mushroom hatred, Dedmouse head, coat hook Luke and 10 more things from the world of rugby league this week” Nigel mentions me by name at the end of his third point for the week.

Have a read: Mushroom hatred, Dedmouse head, coat hook Luke and 10 more things from the world of rugby league this week

Now I’ve said for a long time that I am the biggest personality in British Rugby League. To find out that the media establishment in the UK is working behind the scenes to try and break me down is not a surprise.

For many years I have been a shining light for British Rugby League fans who want to know the real story.

When British fans want to know how good a player really is, they ask me. When they want to know about the financial status of their favourite club, I’m the one they ask. When they need to know how good an import is, they seek out The Glorious League Freak.

British fans know that if they want the real story, they need to visit

You don’t build a following like I have by pretending some players are better than they really are. I am honest to a fault! I will tell my readers the truth even when I know it is not what they want to hear!

I’m not here to sell the game. I’m not a cheerleader even though I totally have the legs for it. I will be completely honest about the game no matter what….and the Poms love to hate me for it!

Over the years we have seen the Poms hand out false accolades to a number of completely undeserving players. They love throwing around terms like “world class” and “one of the best in the world” in the same way people throw confetti at a wedding.

As a guardian of the game, a moral compass if you will, I take it upon myself to ridicule each and every moment that some third rate Super League player gets rated alongside truly great players in the game, all of whom ply their trade in the National Rugby League.

So if Nigel and his mates want to do something utterly stupid like claim Sam Burgess is the best player in the world, go right ahead I say. I will be here telling every single one of them how wrong they are. I am always right about these things.

Kevin Sinfield proved that….

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