NFL Star Says Jarryd Hayne Could Play In The NFL “Tomorrow”

While Jarryd Hayne does have plans tomorrow, NFL star Reggie Bush believes Hayne could play in the NFL tomorrow after seeing some of the Parramatta Eels fullbacks highlights.

Having follow the NFL for most of my life I have no doubt that the difference between athletes in the NFL and those in the NRL is simply a case of great athletes who train themselves to be prepared for their specific sports demands.

For instance, if you took Jarryd Hayne at a younger age, settled on the right position you wanted him to play, and then keep in mind that he could carry more muscle mass due to the short, explosive plays in the NFL rather than the 80 minute non stop action in the NRL, you’d find Hayne would look very different and play a very different role than he does in the NRL.

Likewise, if you took a great athlete from the NFL at a younger age they would need to drop muscle mass and work on their endurance to compete in the NRL, but their great athleticism would see them success with enough time and work.

Neither player would necessarily become a superstar in the other sport, but an athlete is an athlete. I think someone like Greg Inglis for instance would be an outstanding linebacker in the NFL.

NFL players are extremely specialised for their position on the field. The are very few players in the NFL that have anywhere near the all round skills of a player like Jarryd Hayne, Johnnathan Thurston, Greg Inglis and the like.

They are just very different sports with very different demands and athletes from both sports prepare themselves accordingly.

It’s fun to think about at least!

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