Newcastle Knights Caught Ball Tampering, Lose The Game Anyway…

The Newcastle Knights have been caught red handed wetting the ball before kicking off in an effort to make it more slippery for the reviving team to catch.

It is a low, cynical move, and one that isn’t even all that original. This is something that started off in Super League not that long ago and has since been stamped out.

The referee is responsible for making sure the ball is fit for the game, however to have teams effectively tampering with the ball is something you would think we are well past having to worry about in 2013.

I hope the Newcastle Knights get heavily fined for this. The attitude that goes into doing this needs to be crushed immediately.

There will be plenty of people that will say the Knights didn’t do this as a premeditated act, that it was a spur of the moment brain explosion. That’s bullshit. The Knights knew what they were doing.

It didn’t end up helping them too much anyway. They still lost at home to the Melbourne Storm.

There was one moment in the game when Cooper Cronk tackled Darius Boyd without the ball from a scrum. Cronk should have been sin in need but wasn’t.

I like to think that the Rugby League Gods were looking down on the Knights and decided to teach them a lesson for their ball tampering fiasco.

The Storm won the match 23-10.

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3 thoughts on “Newcastle Knights Caught Ball Tampering, Lose The Game Anyway…

  1. Love your stuff man. But the the saying is “Spur of the moment”. Spare of the moment is just gibberish.

  2. Bugger, thanks for the heads up. I sometimes write on my iPad which loved to change words from time to time. On top of that I hate reading back over my posts, so I don’t edit them most of the time. I need to hire a bunch of monkeys to type for me. They’d do a better job.

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