Mark Lewis – Its Time To Ban The Lifting Tackle


How is it possible for the NRL not to act on lifting players in the act of tackling. I’m a Bulldogs supporter and was in disbelief that Kristan Inu did not receive a lengthy ban for his tackle on Greg Inglis last season.

As a game we are now faced with the real possibility of a young man not being able to walk again let alone play the game he loves. Alex McKinnon simply showed up and because of a lack of a simple ruling is now faced with that real possibility. It’s a poor reflection on the game and the NRL as a whole.

The NRL has managed to ban the shoulder charge, head high tackles, tripping and even the 3rd man in tackling the legs. So why the hell can’t we ban lifting in a tackle. PERIOD!!

To put it simply it’s a disgrace. Memo NRL – please incorporate into the rules that any lifting in a tackle whatsoever will warrant a penalty! It’s that simple.

I watched Todd Greenburg tonight on the Footy Show talking about the good of the game regarding McLeans suspension. Todd I have some news for you. If you help to completely eradicate lifting in a tackle then we will obviously decrease the chances of these accidents ever happening again.

Surely that is for the good of game. If your not convinced them maybe you should sort an opinion from Alex McKinnon himself.

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