Manly Players Make The Worst Threat EVER!

The Manly Sea Eagles obviously live in a glass bubble, thats the only conclusion you can come to when you hear that they are pissed off about the handling of the Brett Stewart affair.

So upset are the players that they have threatened to boycott the end of season Dally M Awards.

So, lets think about this for a moment…

After acting like drunken idiots at an official function, they are decided to avoid going to an official function.

The NRL must have their fingers crossed the Manly players follow through on this threat!

The game moves on from issues so quickly, will anyone honestly give a shit by October when the Dally M’s are on? Going on last nights performance Manly won’t be needed anyway!

All NRL players boycotted the 2003 Dally M Medal and it was called off. Not great for the game, but did anyone honestly long for the event? Do you hear people talking about the forgotten 2003 Dally M Medalist?


So I would tell Manly player, yeah, go for it, show the NRL how wrong they are about off field behavior by sitting at home and watching the Dally M’s on TV.

You know what….I bet none of them get accused of sexual assault on that night.

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