League Freaks Four Nations Predictions – Week Two

Its been a week of hysterical poms and over the top statements as we work into what I call the “48 Hours Of Honest Reflection” that comes following another massive Australian win over a terrible English side.

We’ve had all but one Pom in the press doing the cheerleading thing this week, some ridiculous, simplistic statement, and its come from players past and present.

This week was special because Englands own Captain Loser felt the need to step in and give his wrong opinion on the great Darren Lockyer.

Andrew Farrell, who has the worst losing record of any captain in Test Match History decided to try and praise Darren Lockyer this week, and yet at the same time showed, he had no idea what he was talking about!

“The big thing I find incredible about him is his longevity,” said Farrell. “Darren’s played at a fantastic club in Brisbane, and even though they’ve not been going that great in the last couple of years, he has still been the first name down in the Australia team.”

Lets look at the Brisbane Broncos “Not going that great” record over the last few years shall we?

2006 – 3rd on NRL Ladder, NRL Champions.
2007 – 8th on NRL Ladder, First Round playoff exit.
2008 – 5th on NRL Ladder, losing an epic Sem Final in the last seconds to the Melbourne Storm
2009 – 6th on NRL Ladder, losing Semi Final clash with the eventual Champions, the Melbourne Storm.

I wish my club was “Not going that great”. Then again I wish these pommy idiots, like Andrew Farrell, would realize their don’t know what they are talking about and just keep their dumb comments to themselves.

Now, lets look at the games….

France vs New Zealand
The only way this week could have been any worse for France is if Rodney Howe was their Strength And Conditioning Coach. Oh…..

Injury’s, suspension, hell they had a bout of Swine Flue sweep through the camp and knock players out of this game!

France normally are a bit of a nuisance against New Zealand. They don’t beat them, but they normally push them harder than most people expect.

This week though, they are probably in for a flogging. The Kiwi’s have two runs under their belt, they are coming off a Draw against Australia and this is two competition points they can not afford to leave on the table.

They might try and give a few of their extended squad a run in this game, but I would expect them to be very ruthless too, this is a tuneup to next weeks clash with England after all. My Tip: New Zealand by 44

Australia vs England
Well, this is the part of the job I hate. No, hang on, I love the part, I really do!

England have run their mouth now for a year, saying the World Cup wasn’t them at their best, boasting about New Zealands win in the World Cup Final, over stating Gareth Ellis’ impact in the NRL, talking complete and utter rubbish about the Australian pack…..they are just so stupid its beyond words!

Australia will destroy England. They will blow them off the park.

I expect Greg Inglis to ruin the international careers of a few English players in this game. Watch for him to throw the Poms around like rag dolls, if he doesn’t score three tries, I’ll be very surprised.

Sheens has gone with two dummy halves in this game. England wanted a battle in the middle of the field and they are going to get it. Watch for Farah to be devastating in the second half against the tired, lazy, over awed English forwards.

Look for the English halves to be non existent in this game with the likes of Watmough trageting spot defenders and making a lot of breaks. Billy Slater should have a much better game this week too, if he gets up there in support of all the breaks that are being made, this could be a very special night for Slater.

The thrashing isn’t even in question, its how big that thrashing will be that has me thinking.

Taking the 13+ handicap in the betting is money in the bank. Its better than interest. Its a lock, get on it, pour your life savings into it!

I expect Australia to score at least 40 points in this one. If Hodges and Inglis start to bully these young English backs, we’re starting to look at 50-60 points on the board.

if Australia clicks, and the terrible English side allows them to every single season, this could be a horrific scoreline for the English game, one that’s being broadcast live on the BBC.

I’m really going to enjoy this. My Tip: Australia by 52

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