League Freak Is The Number One People’s Choice According To Big League Magazine Readers

I could pretend that being this good is difficult, but honestly, it just comes so easy to me!

In this weeks edition of Big League Magazine they did a social media special. Basically they have a look at the effect social media has on the game and list some of the Twitter feeds they like.

When it comes to the people choice though, League Freak was rated a clear cut number one.

You know why?

I am clearly the best there is!

When my followers saw a chance to tell Big League Magazine who they thought was number one, they smashed them. My Twitter followers love me, and who can blame them really?

This was never in doubt. If you follow me on Twitter you know what its like to pick up your phone and be hit with your daily dose of my greatness.

What some people don’t realize is that everything you see from League Freak, its all one person!

Its not a team. I haven’t got a staff or a group of people that post on my behalf. When you follow League Freak you are following one incredible, smart, sexy, knowledgeable, sexy bastard who is simply too sexy to mention just once!

I suggest you go out, pick up Big League Magazine and have a look.

As for following me on social media, this is how to do it:

On Twitter go to: http://twitter.com/leaguefreak
On Facebook go to: https://www.facebook.com/LeagueFreak
On Tumblr go to: http://thegloriousleaguefreak.tumblr.com/
On YouTube go to: http://www.youtube.com/user/GloriousLeagueFreak

My web site is obviously http://www.leaguefreak.com

I am The Glorious League Freak and I am NUMBER ONE!!!!

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