Kimmorley A Bulldog In 2009

It seems really weird to be talking about 2009, however Brett Kimmorley will be lining up with the Doggies next season.

Kimmorley has been ok so far this season, about the best you can say is that he has got the job done. Whether he is still value for money or not, I’m not to sure.

The Bulldogs have been desperate for a halfback for a few years now and they are taking a big gamble that Kimmorley will be the man who can get the job done for them.

Personally, I’m not convinced.

Kimmorleys best football is getting to the point where it was played a decade ago. Since leaving the Melbourne Storm Kimmoleys has never really managed to get consistant form under his belt.

I also think that for a young Bulldogs side that need rebuilding in a bad way, going out and spending money on an old halfback who will be gone by the time the team is any good anyway is a bit of a stupid move.

About the only players the Bulldogs have going for them right now are Sonny Bill Williams and Luke Pattern. Outside of that, I think the rest of the side could be replaced by reserve graders and you’d get the same results.

Thats includes Andrew Ryan who is playing some very anonymous football at the moment.

At the end of the day Kimmorley will provide some direction on the field, but still, I don’t think its the smartest move for a club that needs a massive overhaul.

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