Kevin Rudd Helps Out Central Queensland NRL Bid

Kevin Rudd has pledged $500,000 of Federal Government money towards Central Queenslands NRL bid team. The money will be used to carry out a feasibility study into a new Rugby League stadium for Rockhampton.

With the NRL looking to expand the competition in the next few years you will see a number of NRL bid teams once again gearing up their push to enter the NRL.

Perth is all but set in stone to be the next team to enter the competition, with a second Brisbane team heavily favoured after that.

The thing that goes against Central Queensland is that it is not a huge media market. Compared to cities like Perth, Brisbane and Wellington, the likes of Rockhampton just can’t put together the same sort of business plan. Yes a team in Rockhampton would be fantastic, the locals would love them and it would be great for Queensland Rugby League. The numbers game just works so heavily against them though.

Once the National Rugby League is a true national competition, and major population centers are serviced by NRL clubs, then teams from regional areas will have a better chance of getting an NRL team.

Right now though I tend to think we will see places like Rockhampton being given one off games here and there.

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