Karma Is A Bitch!

You know if you look back over the last decade, all these teams and players who go out and act up, it always comes back to bitch them in the arse.

The Roosters are feeling the pinch in this regard lately as news comes through of another off field incident regarding someone within their club with two players charged today by the Police.

One of them was Jake Friend, you make remember him from suck movies as “I like to drink drive when I’m not actually allowed to drink at all” and you know what, I thought his penalty of a $10,000 fine by his club was a bit on the harsh side!

Now it turns out, he’s just a dumb fuck, and if the Roosters have any sense they would sack him tomorrow.

Here is a guy who lost his licence, who was fined by his club about a 6th of his salary, and yet it still didn’t sink into his thick head that he needs to behave.

The other player is some kid called Sandor Earl, who is 19 and made his first grade debut on the weekend against the Sharks.

As you can see the alegation is that a woman ended up punched in the face.

The Roosters should sack the both of these stupid idiots. If some other clubs wants to deal with them, let them!

Then again when you coach is going out and getting completely shit faced before a game, what role models do these idiots have at that club?

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