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Look, we all know I’m better than you, we worked that out a long time ago. What I’m gonna do now however is let you have a taste of my greatness.

I’ve set up a Fantasy Rugby League competition on the Fox Sports web site. Why Fox Sports? Well they have a few different things going on, alright prizes and it gets a run on Fox Sports shows so I figured it was as good as any competition to use.

Anyone can join, its in the classic league format so its simply a case of the more points accumulated over the course of the year wins the damn thing.

I’ve listed my team below and the all important competition name too, so join it and select your team and we’ll see who comes second to me!

So how do you join?

Go here:

Registering is easy and fast. Select your team, which is also easy, then look for this League name:

League Name: League Freak Classic

This is my team below and the reasons I picked the players. Note that players with an asterix next to their name are the reserves.

Prop Forwards
Keith Galloway
Jared Waerea-Hargraves
Jason Cayless*

Notes: I think Galloway is going to have a decent season at the Tigers. He is a good enough player but it would take just a bit more consistency and I think he would be a good buy. Jared Waerea-Hargraves is a bit of a wild card, he could be an outstanding buy but at the same time, if injuries set in, he could be a bust. Cayless is a safe pick. He should have an ok season, nothing special, but he should get me a few points here and there.

Issac Luke

Notes: Well its all on his shoulders now that Wing is gone. He now has to step up and start playing more minutes every week. He is an outstanding player but this will be a pivotal year of his career.

Back Rowers
Sam Burgess
Willie Mason
Junior Paulo
Billy Rogers*

Notes: Picked the Pom because he is the best of all time before even playing a game. Much like the West Tigers Pom last year, he’ll just have to turn up to have people creaming over him. Mason is a roll of the dice, I think he’ll get into shape quickly at the Cowboys and he’ll at least chew up meters this year. Paulo is a big bastard who could have an impact while Rogers, seriously, never heard of him.

Kieran Foran

Notes: Orford is gone so now its all up to him. Really like the way he plays though, he could be a steal.

Inside Backs
Michael Jennings
Greg Bird
Greg Inglis
Tim Winitana*

Notes: Jennings is money in the bank. He’ll score plenty of tries, but most importantly, any time the Panthers fluke a win its likely he’ll be man of the match. I put Bird in there because I think he has some media types up his arse and he will get puched along by them. Inglis is a no brainer, even though he’ll start slow by September he’ll be scoring at will, and Winitana is just a squad filler.

Outside Backs
Billy Slater (C)
Tim Moltzen
Bronx Goldwin
Will Hopoate*

Notes: Billy Slater is just a must buy. Man of the match, meters, tries, try assists, just had to have him. Moltzen I think will end up in the halves for the Tigers but he should get me some points, while Goldwin and Hopoate are fillers.

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