James Tedesco’s Time In A New South Wales Jersey is Over. It Belongs To Dylan Edwards Now.

For many years James Tedesco was one of the first players selected for the New South Wales Blues in the State Of Origin series. It wasn’t even much of a question, he was the best fullback available.

Even with the likes of Latrell Mitchell and Tom Trbojevic having moments, Tedesco was never really under the threat of losing his number one jersey.

Over the last couple of years Tedesco may have lost a step, but he is showing he is still one of the best fullbacks in the game behind a Roosters side that is only so-so. Despite the Roosters soft forward pack and questionable halves, Tedesco still manages to have a good impact on the game in both attack and defence.

Having said that, nothing Tedesco is doing right now matches what we are seeing from Penrith Panthers fullback Dylan Edwards, who is causing more problems for the defensive line, is getting through more work, and defensively is the better player these days.

Edwards continues to improve, and as some of the Panthers higher profile players come in and out of their lineup due to injury or suspension, Edwards doesn’t miss a beat. He is always one of the better players on the field.

Edwards also have shown he stands tall in the biggest game of the season. We have all see his performances in not only NRL Finals games, but the Grand Final itself. He is immense.

Its time for Dylan Edwards to be named as the New South Wales Blues fullback, and the captaincy of the Blues should be handed to Isaah Yeo, who is clearly the best lock in the game.

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