James Graham Requests Immediate Release From The St George/Illawarra Dragons To Return To The UK

English international James Graham has asked for an immediate release from his contract with the St George/Illawarra Dragons as he looked to return home to the UK and continue his career in Super League.

Graham will be a loss for the Dragons but at 34 years old it is probably a good move for both sides. It does however show that all is not well among the Dragons playing ranks.

Graham has had a very solid career in the NRL, one he can be proud of. His consistency was second to none and his passion for the game was evident every time he took the field.

While he may have slowed down over the last could of years he was still a solid contributor for the Dragons.

It will be interesting to see what teams he ends up playing for in Super League, but if its anyone other than St Helens….it would just feel wrong!

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