James Graham Is Back To Play His Role As Captain Chomp

Well, well, well….it seems that Captain Chomp has finally returned to grace our football fields once more.

The moment James Graham tracked down Billy Slater and went out of his way to bite the champion fullback on the ear is one I don’t think any of us will forget. To see him full of that Pommy rage, the type of rage they only have up north, was a sight to behold.

James Graham did pretty well in his first season in the NRL. He left St Helens with a bit of a reputation for having an attitude problem. Not the type that would see you getting weird tattoos or skulling bitch drinks, the type that just rubbed people the wrong way. Many felt that Graham was a bit full of himself and it was always going to be interesting to see how far that attitude was going to get him in the NRL.

To Grahams credit, he was a model import. He joined the Dogs and got stuck in to making a new reputation for himself based on hard work. Even as the former St Helens and England test captain could only manage a bench spot in the Bulldogs lineup, he never once complained and always gave his best.

It just goes to show have all your good work can go out the window with one stupid mistake….

In biting Billy Slater on the ear, Graham put himself into a special category. Players that will always be remembered for doing something that was batshit grazy!

Julian O’Neill, John Hopoate, Craig Gower, Joel Monaghan, Nate Myles….I don’t even have to say what they did. You just know it!

The biggest issue Graham has is that he did it during the most watched game of the year, the NRL Grand Final! It is a moment that has been immortablized on film!

I for one am glad that James Graham is back. It is fantastic to have characters in the game that you can cheer for and again. Despite all of his hard work during the 2012 NRL season, James Graham will always be remembered as the crazy Pommy bastard that took a bite out of Billy Slaters ear.

God bless him!!!

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