Jamal Idris Stood Down By Penrith Panthers For Off Field Issues

While the Daily Telegraph is reporting that Jamal Idris had been stood down for an alcohol related incident, the Penrith Panthers are adamant that Idris has been stood down so he can deal with undisclosed personal issues.

Who ever you believe, the fact is that Jamal Idris will not be playing football in the near future.

Idris has had a pretty good season so far in 2014. While his last couple of weeks have been a bit so-so, overall his move from the Gold Coast Titans looks like it has been a positive one.

To now find out that he is having off field issues is disappointing, mainly because you would have hoped this season would have allowed Idris to get his career back on track.

Lets all hope that what ever is troubling Idris, he can time this time away from the spotlight and get it sorted.

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