Broncos Leagues Club Under Investigation For Brisbane Broncos Salary Cap Irregularities

The salary cap investigation involving the Brisbane Broncos has extended to the Broncos Leagues club. The licensed club, for which Andrew Gee was a director until he resigned from his post there recently, will be looked over as part of a forensic investigation into the salary cap irregularities the Broncos Football club recently alerted the NRL to.

Andrew Gee seems to be at the center of this whole investigation. For him to resign from his roles at the licensed club and the football club and both of those organisations to then be investigated for issues regarding the salary cap would have to be a huge coincidence.

News Limited, who is one of the main shareholders of the club, must find all of this a bit of a nightmare. They were the owners of the Melbourne Storm when they were caught in the biggest salary cap rort in the games history and now find themselves in a similar situation.

The Bulldogs, Storm and Warriors will all be watching this very closely. The NRL has come down hard on all three clubs over the years for cheating the salary cap. If similar issues are uncovered by the NRL’s investigation and similar penalties are handed to the Broncos, the chances are they will lose competition points and in an effort to comply with the salary cap will be forced to lose a number of players.

Its all pretty average news for Brisbane Broncos supporters who have had a rough few years.

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