I Won’t Lie To You…..I’m The Best In The World!!!

When the machines take over and our robot overlords nuke the entire planet….two things will remain. Cockroaches and The Glorious King Of Rugby League……League Freak!

No I’m not closing my web site. What are you, some kind of idiot?

As if I am ever going to give up the great fight. You couldn’t kill me if you tried!

As long as the Poms think they can play Rugby League, Queensland exists, the Kiwi’s are holding OUR World Cup, the Panthers are terrible, the Sharks are without a Premiership and Wakefield smells like a giant bog, I’m gonna be here, talking all about it.

This has probably been one of my more successful April Fools Day Pranks. New that Andrew Johns was switching codes caused issues, and my fake site hacking was good for a laugh.

Nothing will ever top my death in 2006 which saw an outpouring of grief, only for people to realize it was one big joke and I was just toying with their emotions.

I guess it all just reinforces the general feeling that I’m a complete and utter prick……and you love it!

So in true League Freak fashion, I’ll leave you with a song that I think sums things up nicely.

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