How Will You Remember Jamie Lyon?

Jamie Lyon has accomplished a hell of a lot during his NRL career. He even spent time overseas playing in England absolutely killing it for St Helens. The thing is, when ever I talk to people about Jamie Lyon one subject always gets brought up.

The way he left the Parramatta Eels.

A lot has been written about Lyons departure from the Eels, and it happened so long ago that it seems silly to even bring it up. However, Lyon is one of those characters in the game that has done things a little bit differently, and if there is one thing Rugby League hates, it is someone a little bit different.

Lyon’s decision to make himself unavailable for representative football is another of those decisions that many within Rugby League sneer at. Lyon has been a premiership winner and represented both his state and his country, however the fact that he turned down further representative jerseys just didn’t sit right with some people.

It is clear that every step of the way Jamie Lyon made decisions about his career that he was comfortable with. They were sometimes decisions that didn’t sit well with others, but ultimately they were decisions he was happy with because he had to live with them.

I have no doubt that when he sits down and looks back at his career, Lyon will be really happy with it. He made a lot of money playing a sport he was really good at. He won premierships on both sides of the world, and in England he is considered one of the finest imports of all time.

What more could you want from a football career?

So how will you remember Jamie Lyon? Feel free to comment in the comment box below.

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