How To Start Your Own Podcast – A Cheap And Easy Guide

There are so many sites online that try to give good advice on how to start a podcast. The problem is that many of them give you too much advice and can overwhelm you by making you think you need a complete studio setup to have a podcast.

The truth is the most important part of having a great podcast has nothing to do with equipment, its all about YOU! If you feel as though you have a great idea for a podcast, go for it!

You can visit my podcast, the Fergo And The Freak NRL and Super League podcast any see what my podcast sounds like!

Here are a few tips I would give to anyone looking to start a brand new podcast. Hopefully they help you make a decision to proceed with your podcast.

1. Start Recording NOW
Take it from someone that talked about starting a podcast for 6 whole years, you need to stop worrying about getting everything perfect and just start recording.

Every day you waste not recording is a day you will never get back. So start today. Start right now. Get your first episode recorded, hopefully after you’ve finished reading this article anyway!

2. Use What You’ve Got
You don’t need heaps of new gear that costs way too much money and is beyond what you need right now. Just record podcasts on your phone or your computer.

When I started my podcast I bought myself a new microphone and that was it! I bought a Blue Snowball which was about $80. The only reason I got it was because I knew my laptops microphone wasn’t ideal and I didn’t want to be hunched over my phone. It was a luxury item. I didn’t NEED it. You don’t NEED a fancy microphone.

I plugged the Blue Snowball into a $250 laptop, and I used an old pair of earbuds to listen to my podcasting buddy.

3. You Don’t Need Fancy Software
To this day I record my podcast on Skype. As me and my podcasting buddy live in different states, we can call one another on Skype and just record the call.

We then save the video, run it through a completely free program which turns the video file into an mp3 file, and that’s it!

4. You Don’t Need To Edit Your Podcast
Press record, start your podcast, and then when its time to wrap things up stop recording. Its that’s simple.

You don’t need to have an overly produced podcast. You’re not making a radio show. You’re different from radio. Embrace the mistakes you made, have a laugh about it and don’t worry about being perfect. Your listeners will enjoy all the little mistakes you make. It will make your podcast feel organic.

5. Find A Good Host
Now this one is a bit more subjective. We chose to go with Libsyn who host a lot of big podcasts. Their system is very, very easy to use and you won’t have any problems with them. They have a very cheap hosting option for beginners too. Check out their hosting options by clicking here.

I would recommend them simply because we use them and have never had issues at all. They track all your stats and they can send your podcast onto a number of other outlets as well which is really handy.

6. Promote Your Podcast
The best way to promote your podcast is via your own social media channels. Your personal channels are perfect, and will get your own followers on board.

I am also a fan of setting up social media channels that are branded the same as your podcast as well, but that’s up to you.

Other Random Advice
*You will get better over time as you do more and more podcasts. Don’t ever aim for perfection, just do your best. Eventually you’ll become more polished over time.

*Create a good podcasting environment. Obviously it can’t be loud as that will affect the quality of the podcast for the audience. Find somewhere that is quiet and comfortable. Have a drink of water handy, even if you don’t feel like you need it. From time to time you will need a sip of water because you’re going to be doing a lot of talking! Over time you can fill your podcasting space with things that inspire you to make your podcast better. You don’t need a studio, just somewhere that is good for you.

*You’re not in competition with other podcasts. There are plenty of listeners to go around. Make friends with with podcasters. Invite them on your podcast. Talk about podcasts you enjoy on your own podcast. You’ll find you end up tapping into whole new communities of listeners and once you do that, you will draw more listeners to your podcast.

*Have fun!

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