How Do You Get Through The Off Season?

Lets face it, the off season is boring.

With the sad demise of international Rugby League we are left with nothing to look forward to until March when the NRL season kicks off and once again we are all back into being Rugby League tragics.

The problem is, its only November. What do we do between now and March?

Personally I have a few things I do to get buy outside of spending hours on Redtube or playing poker at

Firstly, I’m an NBA fan and my team has always been the Houston Rocket. Its been a tough few years being a Rockets fan but the signing of Jeremy Lin in the off season was followed up by the blockbuster trade for Jame Harden, and all of a sudden the Rockets have a backcourt that is one of the most exciting in the league. Throw in some handy forwards that get the job done and the Rockets may be looking at a playoff spot this season.

In the NFL I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan, which is less fun at the moment. I’m like most Cowboys fans, I have zero faith in Tony Romo, and it feels like the team has lots of promise but keep lurching from one disastrous loss to the next. Its tough to watch.

The Cricket season is normally good to watch but over the last ten years or so I’ve found my interest waning. I have zero interest in T20 Cricket, the One Day game is now a neglected after thought, and while I love Test Cricket, there are not that many team that are really up to the level of playing real Test Cricket. Its all just depressing to see really.

I am taking more and more interest in the A League soccer. My team is the West Sydney Wanderers and they are doing pretty well early on in the first season which is good to see.

Outside of that its mostly just a case of enjoying the Aussie summer and looking at ways to improve this web site. I really enjoy Christmas and New Years and after that, its the Rugby League pre season.

So how do you spend your off season? Log into the web site or go to the Facebook page and have your say!

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One thought on “How Do You Get Through The Off Season?

  1. In Winter.. i complain about the weather but love NRL.
    In Summer, i complain about no NRL and love the weather.
    cant win ! ha.

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