Halle-Fricken-Lujah – Penrith Panthers Sign Australian Test Prop Petero Civoniceva!

Penrith has won the race to sign Brisbane, Queensland and Australia prop Petero Civoniceva holding off the Sydney Roosters, Brisbane Broncos and Hull FC for his services.

Civoniceva is the perfect player to come into the club at a time when it needs leadership and an example for the young players about what being a professional player is all about.

The funds free’d up from Craig Gowers release immediatly thrust Penrith into the drivers seat for Civoniceva’s signature and it took less than 48 hours to have the big man signed, sealed and delivered.

A well liked players among team mates and one of the games true professionals, Civoniceva will be a great example for a young Panthers side that is desperate for leadership.

Civoniceva is Penriths first sign signing since the clubs made the bold move to sign Preston Campbell from the Sharks, a move that eventually saw the club win the 2003 Premiership.

In fact leading into 1991 and 2003’s Premiership winning seasons, Penrith went out and brought hard working, professional players that lifed the club and added the touch of class needed to the young Panthers sides that won the Premierships in those years.

Should Penrith manage to hold on to the rest of their forward pack, their 2008 lineup looks like one of the best in the game.

Panthers 2008 Forward Rotation
8. Adam Woolnough (Height: 187cm Weight: 109kgs)
9. Luke Priddis (Height: 176cm Weight: 90kgs)
10. Petero Civoniceva (Height: 193cm Weight: 110kgs)
11. Tony Puletua (Height: 192cm Weight: 110kgs)
12. Frank Pritchard (189cm Weight: 109kgs)
13. Trent Waterhouse (Height: 194cm Weight: 102kgs)

14. Junior Moors (Height: 193cm Weight: 107kgs)
15. Nathan Smith (Height: 184cm Weight: 93kgs)

As you can see, its a massive lineup, but most importantly, its a mobile lineup.

The reason for Civoniceva’s success is not just his size, but his amazing athleticism for someone so big. The same can be said about team mate and New Zealand forward Frank Pritchard and former Australia second rower Trent Waterhouse.

Behind this forward pack, Luke Priddis will find a new lease of life.

Penrith have a bunch of good young players like Moors, Smith, Jennings, Gordon, Daniela and the like, if they can draft in some more experienced, professional players such as Civoniceva, they will find success will follow.

Finally I can say its a good day to be a Panthers fan!

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