Greg Bird Should Never Play Rugby League Again

Greg Bird is alleged to have smashed his girlfriend in the face with a glass, fracturing her eye socket and leading to an eye injury that could see he lose sight in her eye.

After allegedly doing this to his girlfriend, he then started to cover his arse, calling a mate and asking him to take the blame for the incident.

Police have said “The accused person … is actively trying to deceive police by inferring other people were involved in the matter,”.

Greg Bird should never play in the NRL again.

He should not be able to go over and play Rugby League in England or France either. He should be wiped out of the game for good.

There is no place in our game for people like this.

We see players getting sacked for being drunk, for acting like a fools and for breaking contracts. If those are the standards that have been set in the past then this is the most clear cut reason to get rid of someone out of the game for good.

Rugby League has image problems because of a tiny minority of players ruining it for everyone else. NRL clubs employ over 100 players each when you take into account all the players they have through all grades of football.

We have seen one player, another Cronulla player, in the recent past was sacked for violence against a female. It took just a few weeks before he was playing over in England.

That should not be allowed to happen in this case.

Greg Bird should never be allowed to play Rugby League anywhere in the world ever again.

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