Gorden Tallis Is A Whinging Hypocrite

Ever since State Of Origin one last Wednesday Gorden Tallis hasn’t stopped whinging about Paul Gallen.

Paul Gallen went in with a swinging arm on Nate Myles. Both players stood up, toe-to-toe, and Gallen threw a combo that left Myles struggling to stay on his feet.

After the game, Myles was happy to leave it on the field. Give Nate Myles credit, he seems to be the only person that didn’t lose his shit over what happened to him at the hands of Paul Gallen.

Gorden Tallis meanwhile must be walking around with a box of Kleenex tissues all day. He has attacked Gallen for nearly a week now, claiming Gallen’s punches were a cheap shot and then suggesting that Gallen doesn’t care about the Cronulla Sharks as he sat out games for his club ahead of State Of Origin one.

This is the same Gorden Tallis that sat out an entire year when he was contracted to the St George Dragons during The Super League War!

Tallis contends that Gallen threw cheap shots at Myles because Myles had his hands down by his sides.

Well Gordy, let me refresh your memory….

In the 1997 World Club Challenge the Brisbane Broncos defeated Wigan in Brisbane. The game became famous though for this incident in which Gorden Tallis punched British forward Terry O’Connor four times before O’Conner replied…

O’Conner would later state that “My wife has hit me harder” and its pretty clear to see that the big Pom got the better of Gordy on the day.

Then there was this incident between Gorden Tallis and Ben Ross. Its pretty clear Ben Ross was looking to get on with the game before Tallis started throwing punches…

Tallis can go from microphone to microphone bagging Paul Gallen all he likes. If you ask me, people in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones.

Nate Myles wanted the incident left on the field. No doubt there will be some sort of payback in game two, and Gallen knows that.

Until then, Gordon Tallis can cry New South Wales a river…

Link: Gloves are off between NSW captain Paul Gallen and Maroons great Gorden Tallis over cheap shot claim

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2 thoughts on “Gorden Tallis Is A Whinging Hypocrite

  1. I hardly think you could say Myles and Gallen went toe-to-toe. Myles has his hands by his side with fists unclenched. He was never expecting to come to blows until Gallen sucker punched him.

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