Geoff Toovey Is Already Whining About Referee’s…

Rugby League trial games don’t mean a great deal in the grand scheme of things. No one should look too much into the results. Their main function is to help bring players up to match fitness and maybe work on a few combinations heading into the new season.

Still, that hasn’t stopped Geoff Toovey from blowing up about the performance of referee’s after the Manly Sea Eagles 24-12 loss to the Cronulla Sharks on Friday night.

Keeping in mind that the result of trail games do not count at all, and they are no indication of how a team will perform during the regular season. Still, Toovey couldn’t help himself….

“The concerning thing for me there was the penalty count. I thought it was ridiculous. That’s a common term.”

He was only just getting started though!

“I’m still bewildered by it. In my opinion the lopsidedness of it…what did it end up? 14-2? C’mon. Anyway, it’s a trial for the referees as well”.

That’s right Geoff, it’s a TRIAL GAME.

Old habits die hard I guess…

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