Geoff Toovey Deserves Credit For Keeping The Sea Eagles On Track

The front office is a war zone, players are looking to leave the club, injuries have not been kind, and yet here we are heading looking towards the finals and the Manly Sea Eagles sit atop of the NRL ladder.

By all rights the Sea Eagles should be having a terrible season. A club going through such turmoil has no right to be leading the competition.

For all of the factions at Manly you can be assured of one thing…Geoff Toovey just wants to win football games.

He doesn’t care about the negative press, he doesn’t care about what is happening at board level and he doesn’t care about who wants to leave the club. He just wants to win games.

Not enough is being made of the effort by Toovey to keep the team focused on football when it matters. It would be so easy for the club to get distracted by all the off field drama.

It is fair to say that right now the Sea Eagles are one of the teams to beat. If I had to pick two Grand Finalists right now my picks would be the Sea Eagles taking on the Canterbury Bulldogs.

I do worry that injuries and a long tough season will once again take its toll on the Sea Eagles when it really matters, but for now, they are flying high at the top of the NRL ladder.

While everyone at the club seemingly had their focused trained elsewhere, Geoff Toovey doesn’t. Sea Eagles fans should be thankful that they have such a strong coach guiding their club right now.

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