Free As A Bird? Well, Until The Court Case Begins Anyway…

Well the Cronulla Sharks now longer have to deal with Greg Bird and the mess he has created.

Both parties have agreed to a buyout of Birds contract that that will see Bird released from his Sharks contract on the proviso that he plays for not other NRL club in 2009.

This will most likely see Bird head to England for the 2009 season, and while Hull FC and Warrington were the clubs he was rumored to go to the past few months, the media seems to think he’ll end up with the Bradford Bulls.

You have to wonder about the standards Super League clubs set themselves, or the lack of standards anyway. It seems Super League clubs don’t care what you do off the field, you can be a convicted criminal for all they care, just as long as you can play a bit of footy.

As for the Sharks, they’ll be glad to have finally got rid of a problem they didn’t need.

Still, I can’t help wondering why a club wanting to get rid of an off field problem would then go and buy Rene Matua from the Bulldogs…..that’s a problem just waiting to happen right there!

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