Four Nations Week Two Previews

Laughter is under rated. I like to laugh, and for that reason, I like watching England play Rugby League because England make me laugh.

Just look at poor old Sam Tomkins who this week said it was a myth that the NRL was a better competition than Super League.

Forget the basic case you could make in regards to wins, losses, record defeats, decades of failure and a complete lack of silverware England have managed to attain against Australia over the last 30 years, Sam Tomkins used a protractor to work it out!

In fact, why even play games any more? I say we sit Sam Tomkins in a chair, wheel him out into the middle of the field and have him declare who would have won the game based on his well thought out opinions!

Then again, maybe not…

New Zealand vs Papua New Guinea
This is the type of game New Zealand really need. After an easy with over Samoa, then walking away from the English at a canter, the Kiwi’s need to face a side that will front up for a full 80- minutes, and Papua New Guinea will deliver in that regard.

Papua New Guinea will be looking to cut down on their error rate which killed them last week against the Kangaroos.

I think we’ll see New Zealand push themselves a little more in this game than they did last week. They have to. They usually come good towards the end of long tournaments like the Four Nations and this is the perfect step up as they head towards back to back games against the Kangaroos.

New Zealand need to straighten up their attack this week. The Kiwi’s are at their best when they are finding tired defenders around the middle of the field. Luke, Marshall, Fiend and Hohaia are the danger men and when they get on the back of a forward pack thats on a rolll, thats is the play they want to win the Four Nations final. My Tip: New Zealand by 26

Australia vs England
This has gone to the script so closely that its been pretty boring really.

Australia have talked up England, England have talked up England, England have talked down the NRL, the press have talked up the signing of English players, Penrith have made idiots of themselves, its all so familiar!

Look, the idea that Australia has targeted this game is just not true. While this is a big contest for England, for Australia, its another warmup game before they take on the Kiwi’s in back to back weeks, including the Four Nations Final.

Australia are better by every single measure you want to use in this match up. There is not one single area in which England have an advantage of any kind. That goes through the team, the way it plays, the coach, the way he coaches, the trainers, every single thing, England are miles behind Australia.

What Australia will be looking to do is make their forwards get through a bit of work, get them back into full match fitness, then just grind England into the ground by dominating field position and keeping them in their own half of the field.

Easy. My Tip: Australia by 54

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