Drama Between Eels And Nathan Bracken Over Parramatta Cheerleaders?

News Limited is reporting that former Cricketer Nathan Bracken quit his post as a Parramatta Eels ambassador and threatened to sue the club after his sister-in-law was unable to proceed past the first round of auditions for the Parramatta Eels cheer-leading squad.

Bracken has denied these allegations on his Facebook page:

Before everyone jumps up and down about the article saying I was considering suing the Parramatta Eels it is a load of lies. It is a disgrace that a “spokesperson” can make up lies to damage a person or the club. What a joke. Wishing the boys all the best for a great season and lets hope the “spokespeople” leave the talking to the players.

Its an interesting quote. He didn’t deny he quit as Parramatta Eels ambassador or that he was unhappy about his sister-in-law missing out on becoming a cheerleader. He just denies he was going to sue the club.

Either way I throw this into my “I don’t really care” files, but it did give me a bit of a laugh. There is always something strange happening in Rugby League.

This is only day two of the 2016 season!

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