Corey Norman’s Mobile Phone Use Upsets The Media

Corey Norman did not play in the second half of Parramatta’s 17-4 loss to the Brisbane Broncos last night. Nearing the end of the first half last night Norman landed awkwardly in a tackle and slammed his face into the ground.

During the second half of last nights match Norman was shown in the dressing sheds speaking with team officials, having changed out of his jersey. Soon after Norman was shown using a mobile phone, most likely texting family or friends lettings them know how he was and why he wasn’t on the field.

The media took this up as though it may have been a sinister act, mentioning that players should not use mobile phones due to the possibility of match fixing, as we have seen in Cricket.

All this because a young bloke used his phone after getting injured…

We are just one game into the season and already the media is trying to find reasons to get upset about what happens in the NRL. Its a bit over the top and quite frankly, its gross.

Is it any wonder that Rugby League players don’t like dealing with the media when every single little thing they do is put under so much scrutiny?

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