Do Us All A Favour And Sack This Idiot Already!

There is a difference between doing something stupid, and being stupid.

We’ve all done something stupid in our lives thats made us look back and think “What the hell was I thinking”. However there are people that just don’t get it, who don’t look back and ask that question.

These people are morons, they are a lost cause and nothing anyone does or says to them will change the fact that these people are complete and utter idiots.

Jake Friend of the Sydney Roosters is one of these complete and utter idiots.

Overnight Friend was arrested and charged by police over a drunken incident with a taxi driver and then police.

Friend is 19 years old, no excuse at all there. He has been in trouble all year, his first real season of first grade football.

The Roosters showed in 2009 they just can not handle the off field behavior of players at all. They had played acting up all year and then went out and signed Todd Carney!

The NRL recently set up a Tribunal to look into these sort of incidents and take action if clubs are seen to have not taken the neccesary action required.

After being in place for less than a week, they will already review an incident involving serial idiot Paul Gallen, and now Friend will be looked at as well.

Friend should get his contract torn up, get rid of him the same way Greg Bird was put out in the cold. This kid has no idea what he is doing with his life, and simply put, its not Rugby Leagues problem.

If he wants to go to Super League or another sport, great, piss off, he won’t be the NRL’s problem.

Fans and the community in general are fed up. They are fed up with idiots like Jake Friend dragging the sport down.

Just get rid of him.

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