Did You Get Sucked In By The 3D Revolution?

The 2010 State Of Origin series was the first sporting even in Australia to be shown in 3D.

In the lead up, the series the different retailers pushed 3D televisions heavily on the public. They created a buzz. If you didn’t have a 3D television, you’d be missing out.

You didn’t want to be the only mug in the street that wasn’t watching the State Of Origin series in 3D, right? So people actually went out and bought 3D television and welcomed a bright new future into their lounge rooms.

Then, well, nothing. While 3D broadcasting was hyped up, the follow up was almost non existent. Few television broadcasts were shown in 3D. Hell Rugby League isn’t even shown in high definition on Channel 9 broadcasts!

As far as movies went it was also a mixed bag. Sure Avatar looked great, but that movie took years of work and was specially shot and put together for 3D broadcasting. Even when you watch it on a regular television you can see where it would look amazing in 3D.

Most movies after Avatar mainly played around with contract and used editing to try and give some type of 3D effect.

The video game industry played around with the 3D concept but there simply were not enough 3D televisions in homes to make it worthwhile.

In short, you had a bunch of people that bough 3D televisions who rarely get a chance to use the 3D features.

I always thought it was a gimmick myself. Who wants to sit watching 3D television wearing them stupid glasses! I thought people spending thousands of dollars on 3D televisions were completely mad!

So did you get sucked into the much hyped 3D revolution? If you did, leave a comment in the comments box below. Tell me what you think of your purchase!

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