Dear Andrew Fifita, It Is Not Too Late To Go And Play Rugby Union!

Andrew Fifita has revealed that he wishes he had chosen to go and play Rugby Union rather than sign a gigantic deal to play Rugby League with the Canterbury Bulldogs.

After all, who needs to sign with an organisation that actually makes money when you could have taken far less to play for the ARU, an organisation that bleeds red ink like its always that time of the month!

Fifita has been upset by the criticism he has copped since announcing that he would leave the Cronulla Sharks to become a multimillionaire. If only there was some way to compensate him for all the anguish he is feeling over this.

The Bulldogs will be thrilled to know that while Fifita wished he hadn’t signed with them, he also feels that the his heart with always be with the Cronulla Sharks. That is a great sign for the Bulldogs. Maybe Fifita could play in the second row with Tony Williams and form the least interested back row in Rugby League history!

So after signing a massive contract he didn’t want to sign, missing Rugby Union, not wanting to leave the Sharks and generally showing disdain for fans in general…I’ve got to say that Andrew Fifita sounds like a bit of a whinger to me.

What more does this bloke want?

I have defended Andrew Fifita but when you start crying a couple of weeks after signing for a few million dollars, you lose me!

So Bulldogs supporters, how are you feeling about this latest revelation? You must all be thrilled at the thought that you just signed the most ungrateful player in the history of Rugby League.

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