Daniel Nichols – The Best Of Twitter And Player Ratings For State Of Origin One

Best Of Twitter

Origin 1 is done and dusted with the Blues taking the series opener 14-6. In a heated battle witnessed by over 80,000 live fans and millions more at home, there were some seriously heated battles. Gallen vs. Myles dominated the headlines but Hayne vs. Slater was a battle of two of the best fullbacks in the game and Jennings vs. Hodges gave us some highlights.

Perhaps the most heated battles came OFF the field on social media website Twitter. While most tweets were good fun, or obviously posted to garner a reaction, some were just hilarious. I tried to stick to the ones without personal attacks or abuse, there are plenty out there. Below is just a selection of tweets seen last night and this morning (Note: if any of these tweets are yours and you want them removed please let me know)


* (@JessSchipper): “Now we have a grub talking to a drugo love the @nswrl” (referring to Andrew Johns interviewing Paul Gallen)

* (@nsoz7): “Reports in Chris Chris McQueen has severe bruising to his left bicep from a savage Ben Te’o hook” – along with a picture of McQueen sporting a woman’s face tattooed on his left bicep

* (@thebundyeel): “The whinging up here in Qld is unbelievable over Nate Myles head butting Paul Gallens fist. Cry my a river you sooks and move on #origin”

* (@doggedtim): “I feel dirty – but well done to Buzz for calling Schipper out on her crap last night. You’re still a grub though, Buzz #NRL #ORIGIN”

* (@___jassie): “Gallens a grub, slaters a grub, Myles is a grub, birds a grub, everyone’s a grub = my timeline at the moment”

The Gallen Incident

* (scottdools): “How Paul Gallen talked his way out that is beyond me. If I go to court, Gallen is defending me! #origin”

* (@stue8): “How good was the state of origin game refs let the game flow! Gallen would have been carded if that was in superleague!”

* SariRiman (lost twitter handle): “Dem punches Habib Wallah cuz that punch was so good face hit Habib straight to the face cuz wallah I swear that guy was going to die”

* (@SportalAU): “The fans have spoken and @PaulGallen13 is a hero not a villain following his assault on Nate Myles in #Origin I”

* (@savahj): “people need to calm down! Yes Paul #gallen punched Nate #myles , but really does it matter? It’s #stateoforigin remember? mate against mate?”

Random Ramblings

* (DavidMTracey): “NSW sponsored by VICTORIA bitter win game 1. Don’t celebrate too hard lads, you’ve won game 1 before in the last seven years, how’d that go?” … Not well obviously

* (@SlaterLover): “NSW supporters basically saying its fine to punch someone for being annoying” … Brent Tate 2 years back whilst Greg Bird was on the ground being held anyone?

* (@Everydaypunter): “about time your boys started playing origin instead of netball!! #seveninarow about to be #8inarow”

* (@Brad_Eveleigh): “Queensland lose game one for the first time since 2008 and they carry on like they’ve never won a game”

* (@sootster): “Sorry to tell you Willie, Twitter will no longer renew your contract.” … after Tonga’s calling Gallen’s shot “cheap”. Tonga rumoured to be dumped by Eels at season’s end

* (@Vic_Arious): “Oh crap, Blake Ferguson heard the beats and is now on the field waving a pair of glow sticks wildly! #origin”

* (@HDragonsFan): “Fans from Sydney clubs unite to say #fuckqld. Fans from QLD clubs unite to talk about where in NSW they grew up #uptheblues”

Now for the player ratings:

Player Ratings From A QLD Point Of View

Hayne: Was not a try. 4

Morris: Didn’t put his neck on the line … doesn’t have one. 2

Jennings: Missed a mountain of tackles. 2

Morris: Dominated by Greg Inglis. 3

Ferguson: Cruisers for all. 2

Maloney: Horrible debut. 3

Pearce: Where’s daddy? 2

Gallen: Targeted our man Nate from the onset. Grub. 3

Farrah: Head-butted a tackler. 3

Tamou: Kiwi. Grub. 2

Bird: Not so tough without a glass in hand. Grub. 2

Hoffman: Back to the movies Dustin. Grub. 2

Lewis: Was not man of the match. Was the 18th best player on the mark. Grub. 4

Fifita: Big, scary, shocking haircut. Grub. 3

Watmough: What now? Grub. 2

Merrin: Gee Mick Weymann has lost weight. Grub. 2

Reynolds: Who? 0


Slater: Mistake free, brilliant. 8

Boyd: Hit late and from behind by Morris. Penalty Try should have been awarded. 8

Inglis: Dominated all game. 8

Hodges: Made the break of the series, even though it’s not over yet. 9

Tate: Did not knock the ball on. Should sue for compensation. 8

Thurston: Brilliant all game, heaps of energy. 8

Cronk: Kicking game was spot on. 8

Scott: Made 250 metres. 9

Smith: Future Immortal. 9

Shillington: Didn’t go backwards at all. 8

Thaiday: Tried to be third man in to show Gallen who’s boss. 8

Myles: Savagely attacked by a mad man. 8

Harrison: Didn’t pack down from the grubs. 7

Te’o: Put a tough week behind him. Hero. 7

Gillett: The best a man can get. 8

Parker: A thousand tackles. 8.

McQueen: Superstar of the future. 7


Player Ratings From A NSW Point Of View

Hayne: Scored the try of the season. 9

Morris: Drove Boyd into touch … or was that his brother? Either way 9

Jennings: Scored the try of the season. 9

Morris: Dominated Greg Inglis for 79 minutes and 58 seconds. 9

Ferguson: Cruisers for all. 8

Maloney: Best debut of ALL time… in any sport. 9

Pearce: Didn’t cop social media outburst that was expected. 8

Gallen: Dominated. Stood up to the serial head-butting, knee twisting Myles. 9

Farrah: Played half the game with a fractured eye socked. Another brilliant effort. 9

Tamou: Best effort from a Kiwi on the night. 8

Bird: Aggressive, tackled hard, great effort. 8

Hoffman: Welcome back to Origin. 8

Lewis: Man of the match … Next Mr. Universe. 10

Fifita: Massive off the bench. 9

Watmough: Didn’t do anything stupid. 9.

Merrin: Lightning quick off the mark. 8

Reynolds: No errors, no missed tackles. 10


Slater: Made one break from a forward pass. 3

Boyd: Still reeling from that Josh Morris hit. 2

Inglis: Did nothing for 79 minutes and 55 seconds. 2

Hodges: Ran from dummy half a few times. Made a break. 4

Tate: Massive knock on that lead to our first try. 3

Thurston: Kept quiet. 4

Cronk: Pressured into kicking without his usual ability. 3

Scott: Dominated all game. 3

Smith: Played ok, nothing spectacular. 5

Shillington: Who? 1

Thaiday: Must be getting old. Wasn’t the third man into the Gallen/Myles stoush. 3

Myles: Head-butted Gallen’s fists. Should have been sent off. 2

Harrison: Had to use Google to confirm he actually played. 2

Te’o: Guilty. 3

Gillett: The best a man can get? Not tonight. 2

Parker: Solid but slow. 3

McQueen: Back to Cars 3 for you lightning. 3

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