Daniel Nichols – Sharks ‘Flirt’ With Sponsorship Offer?

News doing the rounds early this morning was that adult dating site (more specifically a website that encourages married people to have affairs) has offered the Cronulla Sharks a massive 10 year sponsorship package that will go a long way to turning the club’s finances around.

The offer includes the complete payment of the 1 million dollar fine imposed late last year for the club’s controversial recovery programs in exchange for jersey sponsorship. Overall the deal is said to be worth over $10 mil to the club over the 10 years.

For the record, there is no way in hell the NRL would clear this deal as they’re still in damage control mode after the Asada ‘scandal’ and wouldn’t want to be linked to a website that actively encourages cheating on your partner … but on the off chance it would get cleared, the Sharks should jump all over it.

This is a BRILLIANT move on the part of the Ashley Madison CEO who has the name of his company and its message plastered all over the papers, new reports and social media just by hinting that a deal may be done. They may have no intention of sponsoring the club, but the report is everywhere at the moment and in each report the tagline ‘encourages married people to have an affair’ is front and centre meaning the company’s name and mission statement is everywhere right now … BRILLIANT!!!

As for the Sharks … it’s 11 million dollars. I don’t need to paint a picture of how damaged the Sharks brand is right now. They’ve been hammered in the papers for a solid year, people have been death riding the club for years and if not for some very clever work by a very dedicated, if out of their depth, management team, I may already be supporting the Rockhampton Sharks.

A $1 mil + injection each season, guaranteed for the next 10 seasons would put the club in great financial stead, especially given the development of land owned by the club will begin late this season injecting millions into the club. There is still the very real chance that the club will face further punishment and may potentially lose its captain in Paul Gallen should Asada actually finish their investigation before he retires in 3 seasons time.

I know the club’s management will respectfully turn down the advances as it does not want to be seen as supporting a website that encourages affairs … even though the the greatest player to ever wear the black, white and blue in my lifetime would be a perfect spokesman for the company.

On the flipside, we have state of origin teams sponsored by alcohol companies, we have stadiums sponsored by betting agencies … hell we even have entire fixtures sponsored by alcohol companies (Bundy Monday Night footy anyone?) so perhaps an adult dating website isn’t so bad after all.

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