Daniel Nichols – Knights Issue Statement Re McLean Ruling

Earlier this afternoon the Newcastle Knights posted a statement in response to the seven week suspension handed out to Melbourne youngster Jordan McLean last night. For those who haven’t read it yet:

“The Newcastle Knights is frustrated with the inconsistencies in relation to the NRL Judiciary following Jordan McLean’s seven-week suspension.

Firstly, the Club takes great offence to suggestions Alex McKinnon contributed to his injury when he was totally helpless in a three-man tackle and left with no ability to protect himself.

Secondly, the Club is disappointed only McLean was charged. His defence acknowledged the involvement of his two teammates in the tackle contributed to Alex’s injury, however they have escaped penalty.

Thirdly, the Club applaud the NRL’s decision to postpone the hearing while everyone focused on Alex’s recovery, however found it insensitive McLean was permitted to play before Wednesday’s hearing.

Finally, while the Club understands the length of suspension was always going to polarize opinion, the major disappointment lies in the grave inconsistencies of gradings, especially in comparison to recent cases.

The Club agrees there are no winners in this matter and will continue to lobby the NRL to drive change so this devastating event doesn’t occur again.”

The statement is sure to set a wave of emotion off within the league community after the large majority agreed that seven weeks was too long of a suspension.

The general consensus is that while what happened to McKinnon was a huge tragedy, Melbourne’s McLean in no way meant to hurt the young second rower. The fact that neither Bromwich brother was placed on report was mentioned after the incident but all seemed to agree they were simply in the tackle and not responsible.

McLean has reportedly been offered counselling in the wake of the terrible news re McKinnon’s prognosis. Not only does he now have to live with the fact his actions have led to a life changing injury but he will miss the next seven weeks, four of which were added due to the injury sustained.

As the Knights said, no one was ever going to win in this situation however the general feeling across social media was that the punishment did not fit the crime and was more about the horrible injury sustained.

It’s a horrible situation, I just hope SOMETHING good comes of this.

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