Daniel Nichols – Is Mad Monday Worth The Trouble?

With reports surfacing that both the NRL and the club itself are set to investigate the goings on during Mad Monday celebrations by the Cronulla Sharks, surely the question has to be asked, “if Mad Monday worth the trouble?”

For those who aren’t aware, Mad Monday is the end of year ‘celebrations’ which usually includes dressing up and drinking lots, to blow off steam at the end of a difficult NRL season.

In the case of the Sharks, to say difficult season is a complete understatement, and if anyone deserved a good drink and to get away from the pressure, it was the Sharks.

The purpose of the investigation has nothing to do with player behaviour, which by all reports was exemplary, but more so the presence of two young topless female waitresses.

According to reports, the young women were employed by the establishment and were not organised by the players or the club.

By all accounts the women were not harassed, abused or anything of the like, and considering this is their chosen profession, this was simply just another day at the office, except for the fact there were photographers from the Daily Tele on site.

Considering topless waitresses can be easily hired via a number of agencies via google, and that the women were fully paid, and treated well, is an investigation really warranted?

Surely the day was some simple harmless fun.

Was it dumb? Absolutely!

Considering the media scrutiny the Sharks have been under all year, surely a quiet bbq at a player’s house or locked establishment with minimal controversy was the way to go, but is it anything different that happened multiple times every Saturday night at Bucks Parties? Not a chance.

Over in the AFL, Melbourne Demons players Dean Terlich and Alex Georgiou sparked controversy when the pair appeared at Mad Monday celebrations dressed as Rolf Harris and a school girl.

Once again, an error in judgement, and it was reported that players from both codes were reminded of their obligation to their respective games.

It seems each and every year there is some sort of controversy stemming from Mad Monday celebrations.

Be it the nature of a costume, or bad behaviour, I can’t remember a single season in the past few without something hitting the papers.

Is the traditional blowing off of steam really worth it?

Is it worth the negative media exposure that comes with the process of getting together, dressing up and drinking lots?

Is the process any different to yearly Christmas parties in every other office place around the world?

We haven’t heard a peep out of Mad Monday celebrations in Newcastle. The Warriors didn’t make the papers. The Titans managed to celebrate without having the club plastered all throughout the media in a negative light.

That being said, Canberra cancelled Mad Monday celebrations and there was no talk of a player revolt.

I’m sure the Raiders still celebrated the end of a pretty horrible season, but they were smart enough to do it in privacy. By taking away the term ‘Mad Monday’ the celebration was probably a little more low key than it would have been, but considering the club’s record with Mad Mondays in the past, that’d probably a good thing.

It seems that by taking away the official tag and referring to it as “a few drinks at a mate’s house” it takes away a lot of the stigma attached to the term “Mad Monday.”

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