Daniel Nichols – Fans Not Happy About Return Of Thursday Night Footy

With the last six rounds of the NRL draw set to be released at 11 am (it is now 12:40 pm and no sign of said draw) multiple media outlets have confirmed the return of Thursday Night Footy…and the fans are not happy.

Channel 9, the true rulers of the game, are set to once again force another television timeslot upon fans of the game.

The NRL, who was embarrassed by a 27,000 crowd for the season opener between heated rivals the Roosters and the Bunnies, is set to announce THursday Night games in the final four rounds of the competition.

A game which should have drawn 40,000+ was played on a school night, at Channel 9’s prefered later kick off time slot, forcing families away in droves.

Clubs surely aren’t happy at the news, knowing that not only will crowds suffer, but so will potential merchandise sales, and leagues club attendances.

TNF, much like Monday Night Footy, is devised for television ratings. Personally, I don’t mind the TNF timeslot as my club is no chance of hosting one of the games.

As for Monday Night footy, most fans agree it is a great idea … unless their side is playing.

One CEO I spoke to recently described the Monday Night time slot as “death” and I can’t imagine Thursday Night will fare much better.

South Sydney, The Bulldogs and the Roosters are likely to affected in the form of hosting home games on Thursday Night. The Eels could also host a blockbuster against the Dogs, however channel 9 is likely to insist on the Souths vs Broncos game in that time slot.

Some fans of the Bunnies have also taken to social media to ask for an explanation after hearing their side could feature in three Thursday Night games, two of which would be home games.

Another win for a little guy…

The World Has Gone Mad
Both the Cronulla Sharks and the Newcastle Knights have signed players under the age of 30 in the last 24 hours…

Short Turn Around For Tigers
If the “leaked” draw is to be believed, the Tigers play Monday Night in round 23, and then Friday Night in round 24. A three day turn around will surely test Mick Potter’s young side.

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