Daniel Nichols – Exclusive Interview With Boxer Garth Wood

Earlier today, LeagueFreak.com guest writer Daniel Nichols spoke to Contender Champion and the man who will stand across the ring from former World Champion Daniel Geale on Feb 19th, Garth Wood. Below is a sample of the interview that covers the upcoming fight, Garth’s time on the Contender, Daniel Geale’s comments that made this personal, and his thoughts on footy players jumping into the ring.

Garth Wood: “it’s actually personal for me. About 2 and a half years ago he came out, when I was just starting in the sport, I’d just won the contender and knocked Mundine out, and it was before the second Mundine fight, Geale came out and said I was a low fighter and I was milking the public. So, I’ve come along way since then. Where I may have been a street fighter, a bit of a brawler … I love this sport, and it’s my life. When it comes Feb 19th, it’s personal, he’s going to find out how how low of a fighter I truly am.”

“Mate, to be honest, I was in a bad place in my life. The separation, the alcoholism, I just went off the rails. I’d only ever played football and had a hand full of professional fights. ”

“When it comes to it, you either fight or you play footy. If footy falls over it’s a chance for these guys to cash in. Some of us take it seriously like myself and Anthony. There are some real good fighters out there who don’t play footy, I feel a little bit sorry for them, as these guys come in from the NRL and get the money. There’s plenty of worthy boxers out there that are trying to make a name and aren’t being appreciated.”

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