Dane Gagai Wants To Follow Wayne Bennett To Brisbane Broncos, But What About The Salary Cap Investigation?

News Limited is reporting that Newcastle Knights back Dane Gagai wants to follow Wayne Bennett to the Brisbane Broncos, even though they sacked him two years ago for disciplinary reasons.

Gagai’s move follows a trend of players that want to “head home”, and its is something I have no problem with. If that is what he wants, that is what he wants.

What I can’t understand however is that the Brisbane Broncos are currently going through a salary cap investigation along with the Gold Coast Titans. Both investigations have dragged on for way too long and it looks like any penalty the club will face will have to be carried out next season.

Where that puts the Broncos in terms of their ability to negotiate with any player is anyone’s guess.

As we saw with the Melbourne Storm a few years ago, the Brisbane Broncos may be left in a mad scramble to release players to other clubs if they are found to be over the salary cap. There is almost no way they would be able to bring more players into the club…especially when you consider they have already committed to Raiders fullback Anthony Milford for next season.

If Dane Gagai does manage to move to the Broncos it would no doubt leave a bit of a sour taste in the mouth of Knights supporters.

After Bennett’s disastrous time at the club his departure is already likely to result in the loss of a few players. The same thing happened when Bennett left the Dragons.

The good news is that the Knights have some really good youngsters coming through the ranks, not the least of which is Sione Mata’utia.

The post Bennett years are going to be tough for the Knights, and losing players from a losing team isn’t the end of the world. You’d just like to think that footy players play for their club, not their coach.

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