Cronulla Sharks Consider Signing Robert Lui

News Limited is reporting that the Cronulla Sharks have made informal enquiries about signing North Queensland Cowboys halfback Robert Lui.

Informal enquiries is a funny term. I like to think it’s like a formal enquiry but will a lower standard of dress code.

My guess is that the Cronulla Sharks want to sign Lui, but they want to gauge public interest first. Well, here it comes…

It would be a disgrace for the Sharks to sign Robert Lui. Robert Lui should not be a Rugby League player at all. I think every time he runs out of the field he shows that these NRL clubs have no standards what so ever when it comes to the type of people they are happy to employ.

The Cronulla Sharks just tore up Todd Carney’s contract for doing something that was stupid, disgusting, but that hurt no one. Robert Lui meanwhile pleaded guilty in a court of law to bashing his pregnant girlfriend. Good luck lining that one up!

There is only going to be one chance for Cronulla Sharks supporters to make their feelings known and to make sure the club does not sign Robert Lui. Contact the club. Call them, email them and flood their social media channels. Let them know that you do not want Robert Lui to play for you club.

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