Congratulations To All Of England On Steve McNamara’s Job At The Sydney Roosters

English Rugby League fans rejoice, for as Steve McNamara goes, so to do your hopes and dreams!

McNamara spoke to News Limited about his move to the NRL Champion Sydney Roosters as an assistant coach, saying his move to Australia is a good thing for the English game.

McNamara’s highest honour as a coach is a World Cup semi final defeat, on English soil. His coaching record is nothing short of abysmal and a charity stint at the Sydney Roosters isn’t about to turn him into anything more than a poor coach with a terrible record.

What I find hilarious is the fact that McNamara believes being in the NRL is now a good thing when previously he had told Australian based English players that their places in the national team were not guaranteed despite the fact they were clearly the best players England had to choose from.

You also have to consider that the RFL has made the terrible decision in recent years to overlook the best available captains to lead England and instead opted for an English based captain. This saw Kevin Sinfield lead England during the World Cup ahead of the likes of James Graham and Sam Burgess, meaning that Sinfield was left a passenger in the side while carrying the captains honours.

That Mcnamara wasn’t sacked as soon as England lost the World Cup semi final is beyond me. The England teams preparation heading into the World Cup was terrible.

England arrived back in England after their ridiculous altitude training in South Africa after most other teams. There was constant talk of infighting in the camp and two players left the squad during the World Cup. Throw in his record as coach of the side and its pretty clear England needs to move past Steve McNamara.

Don’t tell him that though…

According to Steve McNamara this is a great opportunity for English Rugby League. Maybe he is right. After all, he’s not in England is he…

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