Channel 9 Plays South Sydney Rabbitohs Vs Newcastle Knights Grand Final Promo During The Sunday Footy Show

They may call themselves “The Home Of Rugby League” but it seems at though Channel 9 are barely interesting in the game. Especially when they decide to play a promo for this weekends Grand Final on the Sunday Footy Show that features the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Newcastle Knights!

That’s right! Footy Show viewers were left scratching their heads on Sunday morning when they saw this:

As Johnathan Thurston might say, its a conspiracy!

In reality television production doesn’t happen by magic. It takes time to throw a television advert together. You will find that Channel 9 would have made a number of Grand Final adverts last week that included every combination of teams that may have ended up taking part. Then, after the games were played, they can pull the right one off the shelf and throw it on TV.

Unfortunately someones picked up the wrong promo. Pretty embarrassing stuff from the self proclaimed “Home Of Rugby League”.

Seriously, who gives themselves a stupid, self indulgent titles like that anyway!

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