Canberra Raiders Investigating Another Blake Ferguson Drinking Incident…

The Canberra Raiders are investigating reports that Blake Ferguson was out drinking while injured according to the Sydney Morning Herald. The Raiders, like most team, have rules against players drinking while they are out injured.

While Ferguson has admitted being at a pub, but denied drinking while there, you just have to wonder at what point the Canberra Raiders decide they are sick of dealing with this guy and cut him loose.

Ferguson is expected to ask the Raiders for a release at the end of the year so he can cash in on his State Of Origin status. He has supposedly ditched his current manager and could end up being managed by Anthony Munidne in some manner.

If that happened it would work out pretty well. Any previous contract that had been signed by Ferguson would not make his next manager any money. Of course, if he asks for a release from his current contract, his new manager would get a cut of his next contract that was negotiated.

None of that surprised me quite honestly. The thing that surprises me is that the Cronulla Sharks are being talked about as Ferguson’s likely destination. After the way Ferguson left the club on bad terms, I can not believe that the Sharks would even think about taking him back. Their fan base doesn’t like him at all!

Nothing at all would surprise me any more when it comes to Blake Ferguson. If we wake up one morning to the news he is in France, I wouldn’t be shocked. If he starts talking about how he wants to be a boxer, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid. All possibilities are on the table at this point.

He just isn’t worth the hassle. I think any club considering talking him on board is mad.

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