Can The Panthers Kill Me In Any Other Way?

You know, following a crap club like Penrith really toughens you up. You get to a point where nothing surprises you.

So as the Panthers romped away with the lead against Manly, I had a big smile on my face. For the first time this season Penrith looked in control. They had worked hard and they really deserved their big lead.

It got to the point where I actually started to just gaze at the match from time to time as I got something to eat…

Anyway…..we all know how it turned out. While Penrith did look a lot better this week, they still gave up a massive lead and a vital two competition points.

I have to say, their defense was MUCH better with Campbell defending on the wing. When he defends just inside the center it means the team is always chasing their tail.

Also, I though Rhys Wesser stood tall in the game and showed QLD selectors what a class player he is.

I think now…its time for the Panthers to look towards 2006 and even 2007.

The Panthers are carrying a few guys who have now lot form and are showing themselves to be of reserve grade quality. They need to clear these guys out, buy a REAL lock, allow Waterhouse to play in the second row, get a good replacement for Campbell…..there is a lot of work to be done in Pantherland.

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