Bulldogs Put The Feelers Out For A Move To The Central Coast

As if there wasn’t enough drama involving the Canterbury Bulldogs at the moment, the clubs CEO has suggested the club may look at relocating to Gosford.

The reasons being put forward are the crowded Sydney market, poor crowds and problems the club is having attracting sponsors.

There is no doubt at all that in Sydney, the Bulldogs have the biggest supporter base by a long way. Even in this disaster of a season, its not like the Bulldogs crowds have dipped into Rabbitohs/Roosters/Sharks territory.

As for sponsors, when a club is playing poorly and has been through so much crap on and off the field, of course you are going to struggle to attract sponsors.

Now with that in mind, would a move to the Central Coast help at all?

Sure they have a nice, if not small stadium. Its a 20,000 all seater stadium, and while some clubs wouldn’t mind that, the Bulldogs can attract more than 20,000 when they are playing well and do it on a regular basis.

Gosford itself has never shown any ability to provide big crowds for a Rugby League match. In fact all they do is whinge when you talk about giving them an NRL club, something they have been given the opportunity to have in the past.

Then you have to look at the corporate base. There isn’t one in Gosford! On top of all that, you have Newcastle just north and Manly just south.

So you are going from a crowded Sydney market to a crowded central coast market with a lack of fans and sponsors before you even arrive!

A MUCH smarter move would be one to Brisbane where you have a massive market, heaps of sponsors and the best Rugby League stadium in the world.

Make no mistake, the Bulldogs are throwing a move to the Central Coast out there to gauge how their fans react to it.

Some clubs have done this to a certain extent in the past, but the Bulldogs are doing this at a very interesting time and seem to have more behind it.

Its a stupid idea. If they want to move anywhere….move to Brisbane.

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