Brisbane Broncos To Offer Ben Barba A Four Year Contract

Ben Barba’s move back to Queensland for family reasons is set to be a very lucrative one…

The Brisbane Sunday Mail is reporting that the Brisbane Broncos are ready to table a four year deal Ben Barba that will also see the club pay compensation to the Canterbury Bulldogs for the right have the 2012 Dally M Medal winning on their books.

Barba’s move back to Queensland has been more of a matter of when, not if. It has been clear for some time that he wanted to leave the Bulldogs despite all of the support the club has give him over the last 12 months.

The Bulldogs are expected to formally release Barba over the next few weeks to clear way for the move to happen.

The Bulldogs will now be on the lookout for a replacement for Barba. While most quality players are already under contract for the 2014 season, the way contracts are being broken this season means that the Bulldogs can almost have their pick of the league as far as up and coming fullbacks go.

Whether or not the Bulldogs can manage to lure Israel Folau to the club is anyone’s guess. While Folau has reportedly agreed to terms with the NSW Rugby Union team he has yet to sign off on his deal with the ARU itself.

I feel really sorry for the Bulldogs. They stood by Ben Barba earlier this year and took on all of the media pressure themselves. They protected Barba from media scrutiny and were happy to give him time away from the field to the detriment of the teams on field performance.

Now the Bulldogs have a big chunk of salary cap space that could be left doing nothing next season. To a top side like the Bulldogs that is like fighting with one hand tied behind their back.

As for Barba, it looks like things will work out pretty well for him. He will go from having a long term deal at a club that really looked after him, to moving up to Brisbane to be with his family and earning even more money on a long term deal with the Brisbane Broncos.

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One thought on “Brisbane Broncos To Offer Ben Barba A Four Year Contract

  1. the bulldogs shouldnt have to let him go.

    im not saying he is one of them but. im sick of players signing contracts and a year later being im home sick or i want to be close to family.

    these people make more then me and you put together and can afford to afford the fair to fly them selves to where ever they need to be and the most paid like barba could pay for his whole family to move to the city thld hahouey are in

    clubs shouldnt have to let go of talent that they have made who they are.
    clubs need to take a stand these are grown men and know what they are signing and should fulfil there contract.

    thats my opinion so .

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