Brisbane Broncos Drop Reed, Vidot and Oats For Breaking Team Curfew

The Brisbane Broncos have dropped Jack Reed, Daniel Vidot and Corey Oats after all three players broke team rules stating they were not allowed to go out during the week of a game.

All three players will play in the Queensland Cup this week.

While it’s not great that players have broken team rules, it is good to see that the Broncos have some pretty strict standards in place in regards to how players prepare for games.

There are other clubs that refuse to drop players for much worse offences, criminal offences.

This is also a brave decision by the Broncos in terms of how their season sits right now. Coach Anthony Griffin has the looming spectre of Wayne Bennett hovering over his shoulder. It would have been the easiest thing in the world to let this breach slide in an effort to protect his own job, but he hasn’t done that. That should count for something with the club and the fan base.

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