Brisbane Bombers Will Never Be Allowed To Happen

They are looking to enter the NRL and provide Brisbane with a second NRL team, but the expected announcement today that they want to name that team the “Brisbane Bombers” is ignorant and short sighted.

It will never be allowed to happen, and rightfully so.

There is an AFL team called the Essendon Bombers. That’s it. Thank you ball boys, thank you touch judges.

It wasn’t too many years ago that the Gold Coast were looking to enter the NRL. They made their big announcement of their team name, logo and colours on The Footy Show.

The Gold Coast Dolphins, it sounded great! The problem was, there was already a Queensland Cup team called the Redcliffe Dolphins. Redcliffe basically come out and said that was their name, a name they had been marketing their club by for a long time. If they were to ever make a bid to join the NRL they would carry that name forward.

The Gold Coast Dolphins were forced to change their name. They would eventually become the Gold Coast Titans.

If I’m the AFL, I’m not going to cop the usage of this name either. Even if its for the simple fact that, the Brisbane Bombers will establish themselves with a name that the AFL uses to market their own shit awful game. The last thing they need is confusion the big northern media markets that they still can full crack into.

There are some cross over names in Australia, but all of them are for clubs established for generations, it is not a case of a new team coming along and choosing a name already in use.

Can you imagine if the AFL decided it was going to call a team the Broncos, Panthers or Roosters! Ok, maybe no one would care about the Roosters, but the other names, established Rugby League clubs names, would cause a massive uproar among Rugby League fans.

At the end of the day, this name will not be allowed to be used. Its an OK name the Brisbane Bombers, but it is also a name that doesn’t have any historical value in the Brisbane area and was just plucked out of think air by marketing types because it sounded OK.

It makes you wonder, why the hell are the Queenslanders looking to do dumb things that are obviously going to see them end up in court?

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